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Montair Run Club

Program Overview
How do you and/or your students get involved?
  • If you didn't sign up through registration please come at any time to Run Club!  
  • Please bring the signed waiver prior to participation
  • If you would like to volunteer please just show up anytime with your student/family
  • Please ensure that all family members have appropriate shoes for running.  the sidewalk and black top can be slick at times
If you already filled out a PTA waiver at registration you don't need to fill out another but in case you did not please sign the attached and bring to the first day.  We look forward to seeing everyone next week! And remember….
Happy Running,
Stephen Dunphy
PTA Run Club Chair

Run Club Frequently Asked Questions

2014-2015 Montair Run Club


  1. When is Run Club?  Run Club is every Wednesday morning before school from 7:30-8:15a. Run Club will be held starting Wednesday September 10, 2014 and the last day of Run Club is planned for June 3, 2015.  An email will be sent out prior to Run Club being cancelled if needed.
  2. How much does Run Club Cost? ?  For 2014-2015 there is a suggested minimum donation of $10 per Montair student.
  3. What if I haven’t started yet what do I do?  Run Club is open to all students that attend Montair all year long.  You can begin any time as long as you have signed the PTA waiver.
  4. What is we are running late on morning?  Run Club charms are based on laps run so please don’t worry if you are late one day!  We still look forward to seeing you if only for part of the time.
  5. What if it rains?  Run Club will be cancelled if it is raining or has rained and the black top is wet.   Our priority with the kids is safety and the rain creates a slippery surface for running.
  6. Can I stay and watch, can I run with my child and can I bring my little kids with me?  Run Club is open to the whole family!  We encourage parents to stay and watch, help the Run Club group or run with your kids.
  7. Where should I park?  Please remember that the teachers begin to come to school at 7am and need their parking spaces.  Please do not park in any space market “STAFF” parking.
  8. What should the kids wear?  Please check the weather before leaving the house and have your kid’s wear appropriate running clothing.  Shorts, sweat pants and most importantly proper running shoes are recommended.  Gloves and hats in the winter will also be helpful but the kids will get warm while running.
  9. What are the ‘charms’ the kids earn?  Each student that participates in Run Club will get one ‘foot’ charm for every 5 laps they run.  The laps are cumulative which may result in more charms some weeks than others.  There are also charms for attendance, mileage hurdles and if they participate in a 5K.
  10. Where to they get the charms?  Charms will be given out in class every Tuesday or Wednesday from their teachers.  Please remember that all charms are one week behind in distribution.
  11. What is they lose their necklace or don’t get a charm one week that they earned?  Please encourage your student to keep their necklace in a special place.  We don’t have many extra necklaces to replace those lost but I will help as needed.   If they do not get a charm in class that they think they earned or have lost one please send an email to  We will do our best to quickly get the students what they need as I know how important the charms and necklaces!
  12. What if my child is sick or has a Dr. appointment?  If you child is sick or has an appointment please send an email to for that week.  Our goal is to keep the kids dedicated to participating and earning their charms so we can excuse kids easily with a parent email.
  13. What about Breakfast Book Club?  There are four Breakfast Book Club events in early winter/spring.  Students are also encouraged to participate in Breakfast Book Club if they are interested and will get excused from Run Club for that week.  Please send an email to if your student is attending Breakfast Book Club.
  14. What if I want to help with Run Club?  Run Club is growing fast and we welcome any volunteers!  There are many tasks to do the day of Run Club as well as if you can’t attend during the day.  Please email me directly if you want to help volunteer

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