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Here are some of the new library books we acquired during the 2019-2020 school year thanks to your generous parent donations:

  • The Wild Robot
  • Squirm
  • Lone Star
  • The Someday Birds
  • The Bicycle Spy
  • We Came to America
  • All Kinds of Families
  • Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece
  • Be Who You Are
  • When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
  • The Tree in the Courtyard
  • Fantasy Baseball Math
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • World's Best and Worst Animal Jokes
  • Fly Guy Presents:  Police Officers
  • Basketball Super Stats
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Minerals
  • Bengal Cats

Montair Library

Welcome to the Montair School Library!

Did you know that you can view our library catalog from home?  Or that we have some cool links to educational games posted on our website?  Just click on the red "Enter the Montair Library" tab (on the left side of this page) and you'll be linked to our library home page.  From the home page, click on the tab labeled "Catalog", and you can access our entire library collection.

Just below the "Enter the Montair Library" tab on this page is another tab labeled "Enter the Tumblebook Library".   TumbleBooks is a library of animated picture books, chapter books, educational puzzles, and games.   You can search through the online TumbleBooks collection by title, author, or subject.  Once you've selected a book, just click on the "View Online" tab and begin reading!  You have the option of using the automatic setting, in which books are read aloud to you and the pages turn automatically, or using the manual setting, where you can turn the volume on or off and go at your own pace.  There are Tumble Quizzes available to check on reading comprehension skills after you've finished reading a book.  You have to try this website out - it is awesome!!

Thanks to your generosity during fall registration, we were able to add 210 new books to our library!!  The Birthday Book Program is another way you can help expand our library collection by donating one of our brand new books in honor of your child's birthday.  I am very grateful to our exceptional Montair parent community.  Our last book fair was again very successful.  Whether you volunteered as a cashier, bought books for your child's classroom, for personal use, or as gifts, it is much appreciated.  We are constantly upgrading our library collection with new materials which we are able to purchase as a direct result of our book fair sales.  

Please let me know if you're interested in volunteering in the library.  You may contact your room parent if you would like to volunteer during your child's library period, or get in touch with me directly ( if you would like to come in during lunch recess to shelve books and supervise students.  There is always a need for shelving help, and I would be happy to train you.

Meredith Suffoletta

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