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Science Alliance for 5th Graders!


Learn more about how your child can work with a high school mentor and showcase their science project at  the Science Alliance District-wide Science Fair at Dougherty Valley High School.

 Follow the link for more information.


Science Alliance 5th Grade Info Flyer

Academic Talent Program

About Academic Talent Program (ATP)

The Academic Talent Program (ATP) is a magnet class program for students in grades 4 through middle school who are identified as highly gifted using local measurements. The ATP offers students the opportunity to work in a homogeneous setting where their unique talents and abilities are challenged to the fullest extent. The curriculum is fast paced, complex and individualized. 


The selection of students for the ATP is based on the San Ramon Valley Unified School District local norms (a comparison of students within our district). To be initially considered for ATP selection, students must score at least a 97 composite score on the locally normed CogAT taken at SRVUSD in grades 2 or 3. Parents of students who have qualifying scores will be notified by a letter. The ATP selection panel also reviews students' other measures, such as classroom work samples and input from the school to select students who demonstrate the ability and need to work at a highly challenging and fast-paced instructional environment. Based on these measures, the top 90 students will be accepted and placed in the program.  If there is a wait list, the student will remain on the waiting list until a seat opens in the program.


For more information on grades 4-5 ATP program, please click here to view the SRVUSD PowerPoint presentation.